New Zealand’s Premier Soda Blasting Service

SodaBlast Systems’ products are designed to be different. We work with only the most modern, trouble-free, efficient, economical and versatile blast units to provide top-of-the-line services in terms of efficiency and affordability. The soda blasters we use at SodaBlast NZ are environmentally friendly and incredibly safe; the specially formulated sodium bicarbonate is free from toxins and hazardous chemicals - protecting you and the environment from exposure.

Soda blasting for every project and every budget

SodaBlast Systems are built to remove paint, rust, grease and nearly anything else without damaging the surface you use it on. The sodium bicarbonate that our products use is 100% water soluble and incredibly eco-friendly. With a SodaBlast System there’s no need to use harsh chemicals or damaging, abrasive scraping and sanding methods. At SodaBlast NZ, we’re using a revolutionary and non-destructive cleaning technology with nearly unlimited applications.

Take a look at the eco-benefits of working with SodaBlast NZ and the range of Auckland soda blasting services that we offer our clients. Find the answers to your questions in our FAQ and see the results we can achieve in the gallery.

If you want to talk to us about your needs or you’re looking for a SodaBlast Systems solution, give us a call on 09 233 6250 today or enquire online.