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Industrial Soda Blasting Solutions

Looking for an industrial cleaning, paint stripping or restoration method? Soda blasting is the most effective and affordable solution with a wide range of industrial implementations. Because soda blasting is FDA approved and eco-friendly, it’s suited to almost any environment.

SodaBlast NZ can sanitise and prepare warehouses, clean machinery and remove mold, rust, grease and other contaminant build-ups - we are available for work on commercial buildings throughout the Auckland region.

Efficient, safe and affordable industrial cleaning in Auckland

The equipment we use is mobile, allowing us easy access to areas that others can’t get to. Suitable for most surfaces without the risk of damage, there isn’t any job that the team at SodaBlast NZ can’t handle. Because soda blasting also involves significantly less preparation work and no toxic chemicals, there isn’t any expensive or time consuming cleanup to worry about afterward either.

Contact us today to discuss your industrial cleaning or paint stripping job and save time and money by choosing to soda blast. Find out why soda blasting is eco-friendly and the benefits of an environmentally friendly cleaning and stripping service.

You can see the results we achieve at SodaBlast NZ for yourself in our gallery and find the answers to your questions on our FAQ.