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Graffiti and Vandalism Removal

Vandalism and graffiti is a real problem in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Cleaning and removal is a multi-million dollar job throughout the city every year. If your business or home has been targeted and you’re looking for the ideal solution, choose soda blasting for an effective, affordable and complete removal method.

Stress-free and fast soda blasting for graffiti and vandalism in Auckland

If you’ve tried to remove graffiti before, you’ll know just how ineffective some methods can be. Repainting can cause all sorts of headaches - it’s time consuming, expensive and often not very effective. Soda blasting actually removes the graffiti and returns the surface, wall or fence to how it used to look.

Because removal through us at SodaBlast NZ is so efficient, you’re less likely to encounter repeat offenders as well. Soda blasting also works for other surface contaminants like gum build-up, oil patches and stains on pavement and concrete.

We can take care of your unsightly graffiti and vandalism with an affordable and efficient soda blasting removal. Contact us today to organise a visit anywhere in Auckland from the team at SodaBlast NZ and let us take care of your graffiti removal.

Visit our gallery to see soda blasting results and find the answer for your questions on our FAQ. See the full range of our cleaning, paint stripping and restorative SodaBlast NZ service and choose us for a quick, easy solution.