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Food Process Soda Blasting and Cleaning

Because soda blasting is incredibly safe and free of harsh toxins and chemicals, it’s the perfect cleaning solution for your kitchen and cooking equipment. After years of use, commercial kitchens can start to look unsightly and even stop functioning. Grease, fat, oil, dirt and a wealth of other contaminants start to build up on equipment no matter how well you maintain them and how often you clean.

If you’re looking for a way to remove build up on your food processing equipment and sanitise your kitchen for future use without causing damage or spending on expensive replacements and renovations, SodaBlast NZ has a solution for you.

Safely restore food processing equipment through soda blasting

Soda blasting uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic sodium bicarbonate to get the job done. As an edible substance itself, there’s no risk of contaminating your cooking or food preparation area - SodaBlast NZ can prevent bacterial growth and get your kitchen clean in a safe and efficient way.

Talk to the team at SodaBlast NZ about your kitchen or food process cleaning job and arrange a safe, efficient and affordable solution through our soda blasting services. Find out why soda blasting is eco-friendly and see our gallery to get an idea of the results that our methods achieve.