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Soda Blasting FAQ

What is soda blasting?

Soda blasting is an eco-friendly, cost effective and efficient cleaning and stripping method with a number of different applications. Sodium bicarbonate is used to remove everything from paint to oil, mold and rust without the use of harsh abrasives.

Why is soda blasting better?

Unlike other cleaning and stripping methods that use damaging abrasives and toxic chemicals, soda blasting is completely eco-friendly, non-damaging and safe to use on almost any surface. The sodium bicarbonate is FDA approved and, in fact, completely edible; meaning it can be used in industrial, automotive and even food process and kitchen cleaning situations.

How does soda blasting work?

Using a low pressure but high volume blasting machine, compressed air is sucked through carrying the sodium bicarbonate with it. This acts as a non-damaging abrasive suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces. The sodium bicarbonate explodes as it hits the surface, gently lifting and removing contaminants away as it does.

How can SodaBlast NZ help me?

SodaBlast NZ offers soda blasting and sandblasting services around the Auckland region. We can work on everything from boats and cars to grills and kitchen machinery. See our full range of soda blasting services or contact us on 09 233 6250 or 0274 863 828 to discuss the details of your job.

Can I buy my own SodaBlast unit?

Yes, our unique soda blasting units are available for purchase. Just give us a call to find out more.