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Boat and Vessel Soda Blasting

SodaBlast NZ offers you an efficient and affordable way to strip, clean and restore your boat. Our eco-friendly and effective stripping methods are non-destructive - sodium bicarbonate and the soda blasting systems that we use will remove old paint, primers, blisters and even rust without damaging the vessel.

Safe and easy marine soda blasting services in Auckland

We find that we can complete most marine soda blasting jobs within the day. Because our methods are eco-friendly and non-hazardous, you won’t have to worry about our presence at the dock or marina, and there’s no expensive transport required for us to get started.

Choose the quick and easy method of paint stripping, cleaning and boat restoration. Give us a call today to talk about your job or find the answers to your questions in our FAQ.

Find out more about our soda blasting services and the eco-benefits of working with us at SodaBlast NZ, or see the results for yourself in our gallery.