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Soda Blasting Eco-Benefits

Avoid the environmental hazards of other cleaning methods and don’t put yourself, your employees or your clients at risk by using harsh chemicals to get a job done. Soda blasting is a safe, toxin-free method of working with nearly any surface. For paint stripping, cleaning and restoration work, SodaBlast NZ offers you the best solutions.

How does soda blasting work?

A blast machine uses compressed air to force a high volume of sodium bicarbonate out at a low pressure. As the mixture comes in contact with a surface, the sodium bicarbonate explodes, gently lifting contaminants away.

The sodium bicarbonate that our systems use is incredibly eco-friendly. Water-soluble and non-destructive, sodium bicarbonate removes dirt, grease, paint and other contaminants without the need for dangerous pollutants. FDA approved and with proven results, we believe that soda blasting is the best way to get nearly any job done. Soda blasting was even used in 1984 to remove tar buildup and help restore the Statue of Liberty.

Why is it important to be eco-friendly?

Not only are there obvious benefits in watching out for environmental impact, but because soda blasting methods do not involve hazardous or toxic chemicals, our equipment and methods are FDA approved for applications in industries, kitchens and commercial settings where there is a lot of human contact. Get grease out of the grill in your restaurant, clean mold or old paint out of your pool or even restore your outdoor wood furniture – soda blasting is completely safe.

Find the answers to your questions in our FAQ and see just how effective soda blasting is in our gallery. Check out our range of Auckland soda blasting services and contact us today to talk about your needs.